Training in good storage and distribution practices for thermo-sensitive products

The purpose of training in the storage and distribution of thermo-sensitive products

To increase the awareness levels and skills of staff working in the logistical  and cold chain.Formation transport chaîne du froid

How does our training work?

We offer inter- or intra-company training in the following subjects:

  • Managing an organization in accordance with GDP (Good Distribution Practices)
  • Applying GDP as a carrier
  • Managing the risks of ruptures in the cold chain
  • Carrying out self-inspections
  • Combined offer: Audits and training
  • This is a non-exhaustive list. Made-to-measure training courses can also be designed

We offer this training based on the quality criteria described in the Article of Decree no. 2015-790 of 30 June

  • Clear identification of the objectives of the training and adaptation to the trained individuals
  • Adaptation of reception facilities, pedagogic supervision and evaluation to the needs of interns
  • Matching of teaching methods and techniques and guidance to the training product on offer
  • Professional qualification and continuous education of teaching staff
  • Appropriate terms for providing information on the training programmes offered, terms of access and results obtained
  • Account taken of students’ comments

Deliverables associated with training in the storage and distribution of thermo-sensitive products

  • Assessment of the skills and/or knowledge acquired as a function of the pre-established objectives
  • Issue of a training diploma certifying the knowledge and/or skills acquired

Our strengths

  • Our training body is DATADOCKED: that is, it complies with the quality criteria described in Decree no. 2015-790 of 30 June.  DATADOCK ID identification no.: ID DD: 0009 192
  • Expert trainers with established experience in the SUPPLY CHAIN

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