The design and manufacture of made-to-measure isothermal soultions

Purpose of the design of made-to-measure isothermal solutions

solution isotherme, conception emballageTo design an autonomous isothermal solution that complies with the ordering customer’s specifications while also minimizing environmental and health impacts

How do we design our isothermal solutions?

  • Evaluation of the transport plan and external temperatures
  • Sizing of the isothermal solution
  • Testing in a climatic chamber

Deliverable: the made-to-measure isothermal solution

  • An autonomous isothermal solution that uses 100% recyclable products.
  • A perfectly sized solution: reduced use of raw materials and smaller volumes

Our key strengths in the design of isothermal solutions

  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Over 30 years of experience in isothermal packaging
  • A dedicated design department with cutting edge human resources and equipment at the forefront of innovation

Want to know more?

Contact Philippe CARLES on 06 25 93 06 41