Audit and mapping of risk of disruption to the cold chain.


Design of tailored isothermal solutions.

Monitoring and Alerts

Provision of temperature recorders with access to the TRACK IN LIVE platform.


Training on best practice for management of temperature-sensitive products for the healthcare and food sector.


Cooperation with the transporter. Introduction to a qualified transporter.


Action faced with any risk of disruption to the cold chain together with our transport partner and the pharmacist supervisor.

Ship Track & Control intervenes at every stage of your process, offering solutions that enable you to optimize the storage and transport of temperature-sensitive products.



  • Designing made-to-measure isothermal solutions  (testing in climate chamber).
  • Providing recorders and transmitters with access to a dedicated TRACK IN LIVE platform for consulting, storing and analysing the recorded data .
  • Acting to combat the risk of a rupture in the cold chain together with our partner carrier and managing pharmacist.


Offering Assistance

  • We offer training in good distribution practices for healthcare products and in other areas relating to controlling the cold chain during the transport of thermosensitive products.
  • We put you in contact with  qualified carriers, using environmental and health criteria decided on with you or references such as Objectif CO2 or ISO14001:2015.

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