Assessment of the risks of rupturing the cold chain at an organizational and operational level

Purpose of risk diagnosis in cold chain management

  • Assess the actions put in place to maintain the cold chain during the storage, handling and  shipment of sensitive products.
  • Identify the risks of ruptures of the cold chain and prioritize them in accordance with their criticality level.
  • Propose a short- and long-term action plan to reduce these risks of rupture.

How can the risks of a rupture in the cold chain be diagnosed?

Performance of a documentary audit and an on-site audit.

Audit of risks of rupture deliverable

  • A report including the results of the audit:
    • criticitality of the identified risks
    • ranking of the risks
    • financial, health and environmental impacts (if they can be quantified based on the information received)
  • Action plan including, if necessary:
  • identification of partners
    • full cost estimate of implementation of the actions

Cost of the audit and diagnosis of cold chain management

Free personalized estimate based on the scope of the audit.

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