Real-time monitoring of temperatures and package opening: alerts sent by e-mail

Purpose of temperature monitoring

  • records temperatures inside the productAlerte, suivi transport chaîne du froid, produits thermosensible
  • helps provide evidence from gathered data for continuous improvements
  • action taken in the event of an alert

How do temperature monitoring and alerts work?

A TIL recorder to record:

  • temperature
  • geolocalization
  • luminosity

And our dedicated Track In Live platform to consult collected data in real time.

The monitoring and alert process is as follows:

  1. Connection with the TRACK IN LIVE INTERFACE
  2. Input of package recipient (with or without the possibility of informing the recipent in the event of an alert)
  3. On-line transport order (optional)
  4. Allocation of TILs
  5. On-line temperature consultation
  6. Receipt of e-mail in the event of an excursion
enregistreur de température et humidité, enregistreur température connecté, enregistreur température produit sante et alimentaire
plateforme en ligne suivi température produit thermosensible
suivi alerte température produit thermosensible

Temperature monitoring deliverable

  • full PDF containing all recorded data
  • analysis of the collected data for constant improvements
  • data stored on a secure, dedicated server

Temperature monitoring and the transmission of alerts: our points of strength

  • small TIL
  • the shipper no longer has to rely on the recipient for access to information
  • an alert by e-mail in the event of an excursion

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